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C-Kermit for Windows 10b8 Beta 4

C-Kermit for Windows Beta 4 (C-Kermit 10.0 Pre-Beta.08)

This fourth beta release of C-Kermit for Windows is available in three flavours depending on the version of Microsoft Windows you're running:

Package Minimum Windows Version Description Windows XP SP 3 This is most likely the version you want. Includes all features.
Visual C++ Runtime: for for Windows Vista and newer, or for Windows XP SP3 Windows 95
Windows NT 3.51
Feature (and security) reduced for compatibility with vintage PCs. No SSH, SSL/TLS or PTY support.
If required: Visual C++ Runtime Windows NT 3.50 For Windows NT 3.50 only. No SSH, SSL/TLS, PTY, NTLM, TAPI or GUI Toolbar. The source code, available under the 3-clause BSD license.

If you're upgrading from beta 3, you might like to consult Whats New in Beta 4. If you're upgrading from an earlier release or upgrading from Kermit 95, the full change log and SSH Readme is probably worth a look.

Known Issues

David Goodwin